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Crossing Guard Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize, Will Continue Working!

Crossing Guard Wins $1 Million Lottery Prize, Will Continue Working!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Richard Heath, a 77-year-old school crossing guard from Syracuse in New York has just landed a fairy-tale lottery prize worth $1,000,000 following 16 years of buying scratch-off tickets on a regular basis. Heath, has made it a habit to purchase a few $2 tickets every morning in the Valley before going on to ensure children get to school safely, and has won numerous prizes over the years including $40 and $100 prizes however he never expected that one day he would end up with the top prize in the lottery game! He was on his way to work one morning, when he decided to stop off at Mobile Mart, to find a pile of 5 tickets already waiting for him, he is a regular at the shop and familiar with the employees who anticipate his morning stops to grab a few scratch-offs. Leaving with the $1,000 A Week For Life ticket, he travelled to Midland Avenue where he carries out his safety duties with the children attending Van Duyn Elementary School. Before they arrived, he checked the ticket to see the word "life" 3 times. He was shocked, checking over and over again, struggling to believe this was reality! "Everyone was excited. It still hadn't dawned on me", "It won't dawn on me until I get some money in my hand.". It's not surprising that he's having difficulty coming to terms with the win, as the odds of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in 7,745,600. Heath, has opted to receive his lottery prize as a lump sum of $536, 227, and now he and his wife – who have been married for 38 years plan to finally pay off their bills and look after their children and grandchildren. Interestingly, Heath says he has no plans to leave his job and would like to continue making sure the children are getting to and from school safely.

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