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Screams follow $750,000 Lottery Scratchers® Win!

Screams follow $750,000 Lottery Scratchers® Win!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Davis To, a 28-year-old from Alhambra in California is thrilled to bits to find out he is the sole winner of a $750,000 prize with the California Lottery. To, became a winner after purchasing a California Lottery Mystery Crossword Scratchers for just $10, usually known to be a quiet guy in nature, he sure acted completely out of character when he found out how much of a prize he'd landed. "I screamed a little bit" he said, "I screamed like a little kid. High-pitched" he admitted, laughing in recollection of the event. His reaction is understandable, can you imagine turning your $10 whim investment into three quarters of a million, just like that? "I kept thinking, am I getting something wrong here", "This has to be a mistake" he thought to himself. To, who is employed in construction management told his dad the news to see his perspective on the situation, who was jumping, and very giddy with excitement when told just liked Davis.

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