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Lottery Player’s Routine Backfires On Her $6 Mil Win!

Lottery Player’s Routine Backfires On Her $6 Mil Win!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Peggy Rike, from Oakland has found her system for buying lottery tickets has backfired and certainly didn't lead her to winning a $6,000,000 prize with the California Lottery. Rike, developed her own strategy which involves her visiting 12 different stores in both San Leandro and Oakland, depending on what day of the week it is. Rike, regularly visits three or four stores a day that sell lottery tickets and buys multiple scratchers tickets. "I won't buy them all in one spot" she said. However, the irony became apparent when one day her husband needed to go to the store to buy some milk and she came with him, despite this being a detour store from where she usually purchases her tickets. Rike ended up buying more tickets from the Safeway store, which is located on 4100 Redwood Road in Oakland, one of which revealed to have "LIFE" in one of the boxes on the ticket. The "LIFE" was the gateway to the top prize of $6,000,000 which was now in Peggy's hands. "It was waiting for me" she laughed. Now, Peggy has the decision of choosing to receive the lottery money as a lump sum of $3,480,000 or instead gradual payments of $20,000 monthly. Following the win, Peggy remains adamant that she will not be giving up her favorite strategy, however she may add the store where she bought her winning ticket to her list. Peggy and her husband plan to use their new wealth for their hobbies of gambling and books – their choices for entertainment. The retailer will receive a $30,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

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