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Marine veteran scratches $10M North Carolina Lottery Prize!

Marine veteran scratches $10M North Carolina Lottery Prize!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Monte Hukill, and his wife Gage Hukill from High Point, North Carolina have been announced as the first winners of the top prize of $10,000,000 in the Extreme Millions Scratch off game with the North Carolina Lottery. Hukill, purchased his winning ticket from the Fairway One Stop on Greensboro Road which is located in High Point, and thinking nothing of the lottery buy he went home in anticipation of the Thursday football he was looking forward to watching. "I would scratch a number and then look back at the game", "I wasn't really paying attention. But that sure did change" he exclaimed when speaking to lottery officials. He then went on to call his wife, a high school teacher to come downstairs. "My first initial thought was the kids", but he went on to show his wife the ticket and she thought "No way. Things like this just don’t happen to ordinary people like us.". They went to sleep that night with one eye open because they were so sure that they were definitely winners, it was almost a gut instinct, which is unusual as many lottery winners often doubt winning as they don't want to be disappointed. They only faced a small amount of doubt the next morning on their way to the lottery headquarters, but once the ticket was validated, Hukill's wife said "I can't believe I was such a Debbie Doubter". The Hukill's opted to receive their prize sum as a lump sum of $4,170,069 after taxes over the gradual instalments which would have amounted to $500,000 in annual payments. The couple plan to use their winnings for paying for their two kids college tuition as well as paying off Gage's student loan debt as she went back to school at 42. "Education is important in our household. So once we get that settled, then we will think about what to do next".

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