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Future Planning After $2,000,000 California Lotto Win!

Future Planning After $2,000,000 California Lotto Win!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bich Ha, a 29-year-old Vietnamese woman from San Francisco, has just had a stroke of lottery luck which has solved the major dilemma she's been wanting to solve. Ha, is very different to many people in her age bracket who dream about receiving a lot of money that they can spend on materialistic things such as cars or luxurious vacations, instead she has always thought about the future and what she can do to ensure that she was able to take care of her mother and father when it became necessary. Now, after purchasing a California Lottery Crossword Deluxe Scratchers, she's realized that she is the sole winner of a $2,000,000 lottery prize! Ironically, it was actually her father that bought the ticket for her as a birthday present, soon after they both questioned whether this was all real. "You won a lot of money" her father exclaimed. Ha went on to text her husband Calvin, who was working, "I thought something bad happened. I rushed over there". However lucky for them, it was all great news and a time to celebrate their new-found fortune. Talking about the future plans for the money, Ha says she is now looking forward to buying a home for her parents in the perfect location she's found in the city, as well as getting a place for her and her husband too which will be in close vicinity to her parents.

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