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Bank Deposit Leads to $750,000 Prize in Sacramento!

Bank Deposit Leads to $750,000 Prize in Sacramento!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sarah Simonds, from Sacramento had no idea that a simple trip to the bank, to make a deposit would lead to her winning a huge sum of money. Simonds was making a route trip to the Safeway store, which is located in Midtown Sacramento at 1814 19th Street when she decided to take her chance using $20 at a lottery vending machine. She purchased two $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers and walked out of the bank, oblivious to the fact she'd just left a whole $750,000 wealthier! It wasn't until she got home that she finally scratched off both her tickets, to find that one of them matched 10 words on the ticket. "I always think of buying as hope, and these crosswords are enjoyable to play. Even when I'd lose, I didn't mind because it was 10 minutes of entertainment". Simonds, knew she'd won, however she was still feeling pretty skeptical because winning the lottery is one of those things that people hear about happening to others rather than to them. As a result, she immediately drove to a friend's house to make sure she wasn't making a silly mistake! Sure enough, everything was correct and very soon after, she notified her boss and drove to the lottery district headquarters in North Natomas to secure her winnings. It only really hit home for Sarah, once the receptionist scanned her ticket and she saw "750-thousand" on it. She says she doesn't have any major plans on how she's going to spend her money, apart from not being stupid with it! For now, it's all going in the bank.

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