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Irma Hurricane Evacuee, Mother Wins $10K Lottery Prize!

Irma Hurricane Evacuee, Mother Wins $10K Lottery Prize!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tiffany Hatfield, 28 from Ocoee near Orlando is feeling very blessed after receiving quite a reasonable lucky sum of money in the midst of the Hurricane Irma ordeal happening in Florida. Hatfield, left her home with her three young daughters late on Friday night after her husband who is deployed in the U.S navy, and stationed in Hawaii called them saying, "I saw the hurricane and you guys needs to leave,". She decided to follow her husband's advice, and left around 10pm alongside the other early evacuees to travel to Virginia where she was going to stay with a friend. The traffic was very heavy, and on Saturday morning she finally made a stop which looked like it was "in the middle of nowhere" - a convenience store located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. During this pit stop, Tiffany bought two $5 lottery tickets on a whim, one of which she came to realize was worth an entire $10,000! "I thought maybe I was looking at it wrong so I had my oldest daughter look at it," she recalled. This amazing news caused great excitement within the family, and Tiffany says she was very scared of the possibility of losing the ticket as the State's lottery headquarters were closed for the weekend. She made sure the ticket was still there every minute, until they finally reached their most favorable destination: Greenville lottery office, located in North Carolina on their way back home to Florida. Hatfield has opted to receive her lottery prize as a lump sum of $6,951 after taxes, and plans to use the money to redesign her family home which sustained some minor damage of flooding and a broken tree in her yard. "It's still so crazy to me how it happened, it just wound up so perfect" she exclaimed.
















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