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19-year-old Wins Two Huge Lottery Prizes Within a Week!

19-year-old Wins Two Huge Lottery Prizes Within a Week!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Rosa Dominguez, 19 has received a double dose of luck all within one week of her life! Dominguez, was on her way home from Arizona when she decided to stop off at a gas station called Eagle Energy which was located in Paso Robles, California. She decided to try her hand at a few lottery scratch off tickets, one of which was a $5 Power 5's ticket worth a monumental amount of $555,555! Speaking about how this win made her feel, she stated "I was so nervous, I just wanted to cry". Not long after, Dominguez was still astonished by the huge amount of money that was now hers and decided to pursue another potential win, she bought just one $5 Lucky Fortune ticket from Valero gas station and landed the top prize of $100,000 with the California Lottery! With these two wins in hand, Dominguez went to the California Lottery's East Bay Office, which is in Hayward to claim her total sum of $655,555. It's remarkable that Rosa is still a teenager, and now has her whole life to spend this lottery money in as many different ways as she pleases. She says she'd like to go shopping and purchase a new car for herself soon!

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