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Cypress Police Called After $10 million Win At Cigar Shop!

Cypress Police Called After $10 million Win At Cigar Shop!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Richard Maciel, from Orange County sure is feeling great after landing a whole $10,000,000 through a lottery prize. Maciel was on his way to the office when he decided to stop off at the Cypress Smoke Shop which is located at 4041 Ball Road, in Cyprus in order to grab a quick cigar. An impulse purchase, he also decided to pick up a California Gold Scratchers ticket and scratch it straight away in the shop. Instantly seeing zero, after zero on the lottery ticket, a customer next to him said "Look, you won ten thousand dollars", Maciel said "no" and the man said "Oh, that's one hundred thousand dollars" but it was actually worth 10 times that amount, the top prize offered by the lottery game. He now has the option of receiving his prize as either a lump sum of $5.8 million or annual instalments of $400,000 for the following 25 years. "Then things got a little noisy to the point where it drew a crowd" Maciel recalled, there was so much celebration that the Cypress Police arrived at the scene shortly after as they thought that something crime related may be happening. However they realized nothing bad was going on and were happy for him. Maciel's won a few prizes previously worth $1,000, and $5,000 yet he didn't think he'd ever win one of the large amounts. "I've always had peace of mind, but now I have a little bit more. I'm just thankful and blessed. That's about all I can say". The retailer will also receive a $50,000 financial incentive for selling the winning ticket.

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