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Powerball Ticket Worth $480,287 Claimed!

Powerball Ticket Worth $480,287 Claimed!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Estela Arias, has just become Powerball's latest lottery winner after claiming her prize money worth almost half a million! Arias purchased her ticket at Chevron, which is located at 1198 South State College Boulevard, in Orange County and initially believed that she'd won only $480 – a figure she was still quite pleased with. However, upon taking her ticket to the store clerk to scan through, the clerk told her "Oh my gosh, you won a lot of money!". Her ticket had matched up five of the six numbers: 45, 5, 47, 54, and 22, missing only the Powerball number 3 which would have landed her the maximum jackpot of $228 million. Aries' quite quickly went into the California Lottery's Santa Ana office to claim her prize, which was actually a whole $480,287. "I feel nervous, excited, a little bit of everything. You never think you're going to win that much money. It still doesn't feel real, not until I have my check". Arias, has had a dream come true, now having all that money at her disposal to fulfil anything she's ever wanted to buy, or try. Luck has certainly worked in her favor!

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