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Michigan Man Hits The Jackpot Twice!

Michigan Man Hits The Jackpot Twice!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A man who has chosen to remain anonymous, from Michigan has just come forward to claim not his first, but his SECOND large lottery prize all within 18 months of winning the first one! Back in 2016, he'd previously won a Fantasy 5 Lottery Prize worth $125,000 after discovering he was one of the two winners who'd matched up the lottery numbers for the Tuesday draw of $416,450. This time round, he's won again with Fantasy 5, after purchasing his lucky ticket at the Westland Food store, which is located at 1690 South Venoy road, Westland. The second prize, turned out to be worth even more than the first, a whole $208,225 for the lucky man! Discussing his good fortune, the winner said he didn't believe he could get any luckier, however he went on playing and ended up hitting the jackpot twice. "I haven't slept much at all". Now, his second round of plans for the money involve buying a new house, going away on a trip, and looking forward to being able to retire a few years earlier than he was going to!

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