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Ex-girlfriend of Dead Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare wins $1 million Prize

Ex-girlfriend of Dead Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare wins $1 million Prize

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Antionette Andrews, from Lakeland has just won a $1,000,000 lottery prize with the Florida lottery following a $20 gamble on the $5 million Monopoly game. Now, what you may not have known is that Andrews was the girlfriend of Abraham Shakespeare, a lottery winner who was murdered after winning $17,000,000 back in 2006! "It still doesn't seem real" she exclaimed talking about the coincidence. The win does bring about a certain level of uncertainty and anxiety, as Andrews (known as Dee Dee) knows first hand what publicity about a lot of prize money can do to an individual. Shakespeare was declared missing, after a family member reported it back in 2009 and his body was found underneath a piece of concrete in 2010. The woman who purchased his home, Moore, was found guilty and is now serving a life sentence. The couple had a child together, Moses Shakespeare who will receive a $1 million dollar trust fund once he turns 18. Andrews has been playing the lottery heavily, usually spending around $100 a day on tickets, so winning on $20 was a light day for her. Her son, Raheeme Dumas says she's addicted to gambling, but it's better than the previous drug addiction. "As long as we have the bills paid, that's what I love to do" she says. Andrews, and her son have plans to move out of Lakeland soon, and live somewhere else, as well as buying new houses for both herself and her older daughter! "That's really all I want".

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