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$429 Million Spent for a Good Cause!

$429 Million Spent for a Good Cause!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A year ago, the Smith Family from Trenton won a lottery prize worth $429.6 million with the Powerball Lottery. The family is made up of Pearlie Mae Smith and 7 adult children, and they made a very interesting and thoughtful use of their winnings. Unlike many winners who decide to spend their money of luxury mansions, expensive new cars, and dishing out money to those who suddenly reappear into their lives after the win, they decided to use their newfound wealth to establish the Smith Family Foundation, a grantmaking fund they started in order to create long-term change in education, families and neighbourhood's that will change the dynamics of the systems of poverty, rather than simply giving away food. The family says it's been their faith in God which has helped to guide them in helping those less fortunate than themselves. They hope their grants, which will range from small-impact to one and three year grants will create a foundation for people to find themselves employment and be able to fund themselves through the resources provided. "We're making an investment in our community and when you make an investment you expect a return, so we want to see what the social return is going to be, what the educational return is going to be, what the transformations in people's lives is going to be".

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