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Adding $50,000 To Your Family Budget Is Not Bad At All, If You Think About It. Texas Lottery Reports.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lorene Baker of Lufkin, Texas, won the $50,000 top prize of King Tut’s Treasures, a new scratch-off game from Texas Lottery.
Passionate lottery player, Lorene played scratch-off games for years buying tickets together with her husband once or twice a week. She also checked for the new games available from Texas Lottery online. Having spotted a recent King Tut’s Treasures game she decided to give it a try but lost the first time.
“It was bugging me”,- Lorene says. She was surprised to discover,however, that her husband kept on thinking about the Treasures game as well. They finally agreed to play again, and if they didn’t win, not to buy any more tickets for a year.
Her persistence finally paid off. Lorene’s husband noticed the prize first. They checked their lottery ticket online together and were overexcited to discover that they did win the main prize.
The couple put their ticket in a safe place to protect it overnight and woke up at 5:45 next morning to make an hour and a half trip to the Beaumont Center to claim their winning.
“It’s so exciting,” Lorene explained. “We couldn’t wait to claim the prize. We’ve already started planning what we’ll do with it.” Their plans include reducing mortgage and helping the disadvantaged from their community.
Today’s Mega Million jackpot is worth an estimated $95,000,000 while the Powerball one is at $43,000,000.

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