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Orange County Woman Wins $750,000 Lottery Prize!

Orange County Woman Wins $750,000 Lottery Prize!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lina Trinh is feeling very lucky after landing $750,000 with the California lottery on a Crossword Scratchers! Trinh purchased the $10 ticket from 5 star Liquor, which is located at 9461 Edinger Avenue in Westminster – Orange County, and realised she'd won before she'd even left the store. "My hands and feet were freezing, I couldn't believe I won that much money". Since the win, she's been finding it difficult to grasp the concept of winning such a large amount of money, however she plans to buy a home for her family as well as pay off the debt on her car. In addition to this, Trinh hopes to donate some of her winnings to a charity in Vietnam in order to help either the young or elderly who are struggling. "That's been my mission since a long time ago" - she stated referring to her need to help others.

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