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Michigan Nurse Lands $4 million Lottery Prize!

Michigan Nurse Lands $4 million Lottery Prize!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A nurse from Detroit, is looking forward to cutting her hours back as a nurse after winning a $4 million lottery prize with the Michigan lottery. This individual has opted to keep her identity anonymous, however we do know she purchased her ticket at the Sunoco gas station which is located at 48990 Hayes Road in Macomb. Upon scratching the ticket, she was shocked to discover the sum of money she'd won, even the shop clerk didn't believe her until she'd checked the ticket herself. In regards to her job, the player has been working as a nurse for 28 years, including plenty of overtime at multiple jobs. This prize will enable her to cut back her work hours to around 40 hours a week, however she doesn't plan on retiring as they've been very short-staffed recently so she doesn't want to make things harder for her co-workers. The winner has chosen to receive her $4 million as a lump-sum rather than gradual instalments, which brings her winnings down to $2.5 million. Her plans for the future include purchasing a new car, paying for her daughter's tuition, and bills as well as investing the overall majority. "Winning hasn't sunk in yet. I don't think I will believe it until I get an alert on my phone from the bank showing the huge balance in my account," she stated.

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