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Family Claim $72 Million SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Prize!

Family Claim $72 Million SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Prize!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A family of 5, from Hesperia in San Bernardino County have struck it big after winning a $72,000,000 prize with the SuperLotto Plus jackpot! This story started back on Christmas day, when Donaldson, Petersen, Monica Petersen, Arthur Santana and Yvonne Wilkinson decided to form a pool where they put in $20 each so that Donaldson would occasionally purchase lottery tickets until the money ran out. The blessing came around a month later, and almost didn't happen when Donaldson had to ask someone for a ride on a rainy day to go buy a few tickets, however there was a queue so large that she almost left twice, thankfully she held on patiently and purchased 4 plays for 2 different dates – A Quick Pick turned out to be the winner for the 25th of January drawing. "Oh my God. I think we hit the lotto" is what Donaldson shouted at the revelation after matching up all 6 numbers (13, 9, 29, 27, 33 and Mega number 10), this was a reality very difficult to wrap their head around! Now, everyone is having discussions on everything from travel, to family and paying for education. The ticket was bought at Cardenas Market, which is on 15555 Main Street, located in Hesperia. This retailer will also receive a $360,000 incentive from the California Lottery for selling the ticket.

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