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Couple Collect $10,000,000 Lottery Prize With NY Lottery!

Couple Collect $10,000,000 Lottery Prize With NY Lottery!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Husband and wife, James and Sylvia Silverence, from New York are the latest winners of the New York Lottery's biggest ever scratch-off prize worth $10,000,000! James purchased the winning ticket at the Stewart's Shop on Vassar Road, which is located in Poughkeepsie after going there to cash in a previous winning ticket worth $125. Speaking about the trip he stated "There were six tickets left, so I put in some extra money and got them all", James took this risk on the $30 ticket's after watching the woman in front of him in the queue purchasing 4 of the same $10,000,000 Cash scratch-off tickets and not winning a prize. After taking the tickets home, his wife, Sylvia scratched them off and showed her husband the ticket, covering up the word "Jackpot" before finally revealing the matching numbers and "Jackpot" to James. "When Sylvia showed me the matching numbers and moved her finger to reveal the word 'jackpot', we both just started screaming," he stated. James fell on the floor with excitement, so much so that his sons rushed downstairs because they thought he'd injured himself. In the future, they don't have any major plans for the winnings aside from paying for the college tuition of their four sons, as well as a truck for James and some expensive jewelry for Sylvia. After federal withholdings, the couple have decided to split the prize money 50/50 to receive $3,309,000 each.

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