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Lucky Homeless Man Wins $50,000 Lottery Scratch-Off Prize!

Lucky Homeless Man Wins $50,000 Lottery Scratch-Off Prize!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A homeless man from Colorado has had his fortune's transform completely after winning $50,000 with the Colorado lottery scratch off prize. The winner is a man called Adam H., this is all the information revealed on his identity as Colorado's state law allows partial anonymity. Adam was living at the Denver Rescue Mission before he'd bought the $3 Poker Celebration ticket, which had the odds of 1 in 520,000 to win the last available big prize. The actual prize amount he will be receiving is $35,500 after government tax withholdings, which is still a very significant sum! Now the very lucky man says he has plans to move back to his native home of Kentucky, which will enable him to be with his daughter once again.

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