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Friday 13th No Longer ‘Bad Luck Day’ After Man Wins $5 Million!

Friday 13th No Longer ‘Bad Luck Day’ After Man Wins $5 Million!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Clinton Sapiro, from Monterey County is the latest winner of $5 million with The California Lottery! Sapiro left work on Friday the 13th of January, the notoriously most unlucky day to stop off for some gasoline on his way home. He ended up stopping off at Chevron, which is located at 1152 Forest Avenue in Pacific Grove, where he purchased a $20 Lucky Streak Scratchers ticket and scratched it off to discover he'd won a freebie. He decided to go back into the Food Mart, to pick up the free ticket, which he came to realise was worth a whopping $5,000,000! "It's no longer a bad luck day" Saprio proclaimed after winning with a "lucky streak" ticket – the ironic! Upon winning, Sapiro took the ticket to another grocery store to verify his winnings, but told the clerk to be quiet about it as living in a small town, he didn't want the news getting out. He admits that before the good news he'd been having quite a bad day thinking about the overtime he ended up not receiving at work, however the win took away all the frustration he'd felt over the past 2 weeks! Sapiro opted to receive his $5 million winnings in annual installments of $200,000 for the next 25 years over the lump sum of $2.9 million. He says he'd like to purchased a house with his wife, pay off debt, as well as investing in their children's future education and saving the rest. "I was completely shocked at first. But now I feel relaxed because I feel like a lot of the stuff that's been bothering me and stressing me about life is going to be taken care of".

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