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Woman quit job days before winning $3.3M with Colorado Lottery!

Woman quit job days before winning $3.3M with Colorado Lottery!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yahnique, from Denver, Colorado has won $3.3 million last Friday with the Colorado Lottery, in perfect timing after quitting her job as a certified nursing assistant. Yahnique purchased her ticket at King Soopers, which is located at 1155 South Havana, in Aurora, she matched all six numbers which were: 10, 14, 25, 30, 31 and 32. After playing the lottery for over 30 years, she's finally landed a huge prize which accumulated to $3,312,287 in total. Speaking about her job, Yahnique said: "My last day was January 17, but I didn't have anything lined up yet,". Upon discovering her win, she was in disbelief and asked her husband, Bruce to check the lottery website to make sure she hadn't made a mistake. Bruce stated, "I was highly suspicious but then I thought, there's no way she could mock up their whole website", "I mean, she knows her way around the computer. But not that well.". The couple, who have three sons have opted to receive their prize money in annual instalments rather than a lump sum of cash. They have plans to improve their home, as well as pay off some outstanding bills.

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