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Comic Book Store Trip Leads to $1.5 Million Powerball Win!

Comic Book Store Trip Leads to $1.5 Million Powerball Win!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Kent Li has a love of comic books, so the day before Thanksgiving he travelled to a comic book store in San Diego to have a look around. He knew that the Powerball jackpot was a huge $359 million that night, so he decided to stop off at a 7-Eleven which is located at 2387 Midway Dr., San Diego and purchase five lines of Powerball tickets, which cost $10 in total. He didn't think much would happen, even after hearing on the news station that the winner was located in San Diego. It was only when they announced the store where the ticket was purchased, he realised he'd won $1,512,801! Sure enough he matched 5 of the 6 winning numbers: 7, 32, 41, 47 and 61, just missing the red Powerball number 3. Li stated "It was one of those things. I got a good sum of money, but I almost felt like I came in second place. But I'm really, really happy I got the numbers I got". Li knew he'd won back in November, however he didn't come forward to claim his prize until the 20th of January because he consulted a financial advisor first to ensure he was smart with the money. He doesn't have any major plans, other than to invest the winnings.

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