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Long Island Couple Win $5,000,000 With Scratch-Off Ticket!

Long Island Couple Win $5,000,000 With Scratch-Off Ticket!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Michelle, and Dominic Nuzzi from Long Island have become the newest millionaires after landing a whopping $5,000,000 with a "Wild Bonanza Multiplier" scratch off ticket. Nuzzi bought multiple tickets, before going home to attend to some housework thinking nothing of it. However, once she took a seat at her kitchen table to scratch off the New York lottery tickets she'd purchased, she saw the number 49 match up on top and started screaming! Funnily enough, she thought she'd won just $5,000 at first, when the couple realized the number was actually $5,000,000, she had to use a magnifying glass on the ticket to be sure she wasn't seeing things. Her daughter, Michelle Donavita stated: "We were in total shock, we jumped, we screamed, we hugged, we cried". Dominic, although not a lottery player himself talked about his wife's gambling saying "I thought it was funny that she buys tickets every day, but she wins so what can I say". This prize, certainly overtakes her previous winnings of $60,000. The couple will be splitting the money to receive $1,654,500 each after withholdings and plan to help their grandchildren with college alongside a new laptop.

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