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Father-daughter team win $1,000,000 Lottery prize!

Father-daughter team win $1,000,000 Lottery prize!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Damaris Vasquez, and her father Jesus have landed themselves $1,000,000 with a California lottery scratchers game they regularly play together. Vasquez says that this tradition started around 2 years ago, when on Sunday evenings after dinner they began walking to their local store, Paul's Liquor & Deli, 2375 Sycamore Drive in Simi Valley as a weekly bonding activity they both enjoy. However, one of these walks turned out to be very different from all the others, when they purchased a $10 50X The Money ticket and scratched it to reveal a 6 figure sum of money. They were in shock, Vasquez was filled with happiness but stated, "I think we'll definitely be even more excited once we see those zeros in our bank account". The duo have decided to split the prize 50/50 as they took turns scratching each row on the ticket, with Jesus scratching the winning row. What's interesting is that the winning number was 12, and Jesus being a deeply religious man this number is very special to him as he celebrates the Virgin Mary on the 12th of December as it’s the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast". Their number one priority is to buy a new house using this money, as they lost their previous house due economic circumstances. The retailer will also be receiving $5,000 as a bonus for selling the winning ticket!

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