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High-School Janitor wins $2 million with Illinois lottery!

High-School Janitor wins $2 million with Illinois lottery!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Dave Martinez, a high school janitor from Gurnee, Illinois is feeling very pleased with himself after landing $2 million with a scratch-off Illinois lottery ticket. Martinez purchased the ticket at a local gas station, before opening it at home stating "I started scratching off on the dining room table and thought it was just a hundred thousand at first and then I looked at it again and it said a hundred thousand times twenty and was just mind-boggling". Following this he described his reaction, which was "I was jumping up and down and my wife was still half asleep".

He has been working at the New Trier High School district for over 30 years, where his co-workers have given him the nickname "Speedy" for the pace at which he is able to get tasks done. The news have gone down well with them as well, who say Martinez deserves every penny and were surprised that something so great has happened to a nice guy. Interestingly, the new-found lottery winner has no plans to quit his job saying "I still enjoy working here with the teachers and students and faculty and my co-workers and stuff". In the future he plans to travel to Hawaii, begin some home improvement projects as well as taking in a NASCAR race in Daytona.

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