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No Lottery Winning Formula But Hat’s Off, Professor!

No Lottery Winning Formula But Hat’s Off, Professor!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

What would be the probability for a statistics professor to win the lottery prize?

Nicholas Kapoor, who is one of the lecturers in accelerated statistics at Fairfield University, might have given this brain-teaser at one of his lectures following his unexpected Powerball win. While estimating this might have left the young minds rather perplexed, at least one person in the lecture theatre was certain not only about the formula itself, but also about the real-life results.

The reason being is that the Connecticut professor, Nicholas Kapoor has won $100,000 while playing one of the Powerball’s quick-picks!

On reflection, he mentioned that his winnings have enabled him to demonstrate to his students how difficult it is to win a prize in real life.

"I try to bring as many real-life examples into my classroom as possible because these kids need to be ready to compete with the entire world, so I try to make sure in my classroom what they're learning can be applied to the real world," Kapoor remarked. "One way to do that is to talk about things that happen in real life and one of them is the lottery."

He commented that he does bring up real-life examples during his lectures, and estimations of winning the Powerball is one of them. However, as his quick-pick ticket has won a significant sum, he will incorporate the fact into his future lessons plans.

Professor’s future ambitions include the high probability of going on a trip next year, however he added that he intends to carry on playing the lottery every week or so.

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