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EuroMillions Millionaire Academy

EuroMillions Millionaire Academy

Monday, October 10, 2016

Once you have become a millionaire, spending your winning might turn out to be a tough job. This happened to be the case for Jane Wyatt, a mum-of-three from Salford, who won £1 million with EuroMillions, for the August, the 27th draw; when she purchased the lucky ticket bought at last minute because she ‘felt lucky’. However, Jane felt confused with how to spend her winnings. Now, being confused with spending millions is a common thing among new millionaires, but joining the academy at the age of 49, learning how to spend money with care, implies character.

At EuroMillions Millionaire Academy Jane was educated by former Grand Prix driver and Top Gear presenter, Tiff Needell on picking the right luxury car. After all, selecting a quarter of a million sports wonder isn’t that simple.

Wine and champagne tasting may take years to learn. However, Cassidy Dart of world-renowned champagne producer (, leads classes in champagne tasting. Choosing the right vintage bottle is ultimately a challenging business for most people.

What was the largest thing you tried to gift wrap? Surely, it couldn’t have been harder than gift-wrapping a Range Rover, taught by Neelam Meetcha alongside with nicely presenting other large and exotic gifts.

Looking expensive is schooled by the celebrity stylist, Zoe Tilston who shares her advice on how to dress for private plane trips and glamorous social parties.

Last but not least is the financial side of the millionaires’ expertise. EuroMillions top management give scholars their professional financial guidance on how best to invest their winnings.

One of the recent Academy graduates, Jane Wyatt joined the classes after she has won the top prise in summer, during the special Olympic-themed lottery draw. Ambushed by her three grown up boys, aged from 16 to 22, begging for designer clothes, luxury cars and expensive watches, she felt that she needed advice in spending her winnings sensibly.

Now Jane has made a “to do” list for her prime purchases. The most important for the new winner, is a new house in Salford and a cruise for the family to celebrate her 50th birthday. Jane stated, “My involvement in the academy will certainly help me in the future. What a day, what an experience.”

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