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He took her breath away with a 5 Million late night surprise

He took her breath away with a 5 Million late night surprise

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Returning late from work, worn down, a sole breadwinner in the family, Mrs Rubinstein, expected nothing more than to take a breath for a minute and slowly start cooking the family dinner. With her husband following a new career path and no serious job opportunities turning up for a while now, she’d got used to carrying out the same old routine every day without a word of complaint. However, this Friday evening was different- there was a lovingly wrapped present waiting for her on the table. Genuinely taken by surprise, she unwrapped it only to find a smaller box inside. Intrigued even more, she kept unwrapping box after box until she came to the smallest one. Imagine her surprise, when she found a 5 Million lottery ticket inside!

Earlier that day, her husband was aiming for a cuppa at Starbucks where he used to search for the new opportunities on the local jobs market. Bored and tired from his previous work experience, he was determined to get it right this time, both for himself and for his family. Little did he know, how close was he to the biggest turning point for his family’ s wellbeing. Starbucks was full, no space for inspiration in the crowded place. He turned the corner. “There should be something better than that, ” he was pondering as he headed towards another coffee shop. However, a few moments later he had to stop due to a sudden migraine. “I can’t carry on like this,” he thought to himself entering the local CVS to buy a painkiller.

That detour altered his life forever, as whilst there, he also pucrchased one of the California Lottery’s newest Scratchers® games with a $5,000,000 Platinum Payout. The rest of his memories were rather blurred. He still remembers scratching the ticket and the shock that followed as he stared at the $5,000,000 figure on it. That day, Eric Rubinstein became California’s newest multi-millionaire.

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