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Helping your local church could make you a millionaire

Helping your local church could make you a millionaire

Sunday, September 4, 2016

A San Jose man has won $1.2 million while watering the flowers in his community church.

Recognition of the importance of the Virgin Mary is an important feature of the Catholic Church and is at heart of every Catholic. Therefore, it was to no surprise that true Catholics, Daniel Mendez and his wife, were puzzled at the absence of the traditional flowers usually surrounding the statue of the Virgin Mary at the Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church in San Jose. Feeling a strong urge to do something about it, they planted the flowers around the statue and have watered them every week since.

The 86-year-old grandfather also badly needed money to cover his roof repairs, therefore established the routine of buying lottery tickets every time he watered the flowers in the hope to win some cash. Now, having won a lump sum of $696,000, he can afford a new roof for his house as well as some nice presents for his grandkids, that he has always prayed for. Mr Mendez exclaimed, “I didn’t ask the Virgin to pay me with [lottery] money. I asked that she pays me with taking care of my grandkids and that’s more valuable than money to me”.

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