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Los Angeles Man Wins $555,555 Scratchers With California Lottery!

Los Angeles Man Wins $555,555 Scratchers With California Lottery!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jerran Gonzales, a 37 year old dental assistant has won $555,555 thanks to his sisters advice!

Gonzales, from Los Angeles rarely plays the lottery, however his sister kept telling him: "you're going to win, you're going to win" over and over, this mentality stuck with him and he decided to test his luck during his lunch break. The first ticket he bought, from a scratchers game didn't land him anything, yet he decided to give it another shot, purchasing 3 $5 Power 5's games on his journey home. It was only as he was getting in bed that he scratched these tickets and woke everyone in the house realizing he'd won! Living with his sister, and her husband they were the first people to hear the good news, Cesar Capistrano- the brother in law said that Gonzales was speechless and only managed to get an hour of sleep that night.

Gonzales stated: "I BELIEVE NOW", and has plans for the future which involve many vacations, and a new car!

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