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L.A Women Wins $600,000 through Scratchers Ticket Gift From Realtor!

L.A Women Wins $600,000 through Scratchers Ticket Gift From Realtor!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ana Avelar, 40, Los Angeles, has won $600,000 thanks to a lottery ticket sent to her as a gift from an estate agent!

Avelar had received a free appraisal online through the site from Ramon Sanchez of Ramon Sanchez real estate group, who decided to gift her a $1 California Lottery scratcher’s ticket to show his appreciation of doing business. To Ana’s shock, she realised she’d landed a huge prize, however her boyfriend and son were sceptical of its validity, so to prove them wrong she videotaped the moment in store when she scanned the ticket to see the message “file a claim form” and the amount $600,000 on screen!

Sanchez purchased the original ticket at 7-eleven located at 12200 Artesia Boulevard in Artesia. She said “I was just like trying to be quiet about it- not get crazy, but I was like: Oh my god, Oh my god”. Karma seems to have played a role here, as Avelar often buys Scratchers and gives them away as gifts for birthdays and Christmases! Sanchez, the real estate agent said “yes, I heard the good news! I was so delighted to hear that she won, this is what happens when you do good things out of the goodness of your heart to help others. What a blessing”. Avelar has chosen a lump-sum of $348,000 and plans to pay off her second mortgage and put the rest away.

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