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£4 Million Win- Largest ever Scratch Prize Claimed in the UK!

£4 Million Win- Largest ever Scratch Prize Claimed in the UK!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Amadou Gillen, 46 from Wiltshire is the winner of £4 million, the largest scratch card jackpot ever won in the UK!

Gillen, purchased 2 ticket at McColl’s for £10 each during a break on his 12 hour shift. He works as a pub kitchen manager, at Wetherspoons where he worked over 40 hours a week, coming far from his days of working in McDonald’s after relocating from Gambia. Realising just how much he’d won, he put the ticket in his pocket before continuing to finish his shift, which dragged on more than any other till 12 o’clock that night. Following this, he rang up immediate family in Gambia, to notify them he’d landed some very good fortune-without specifying exactly what as he waited for confirmation from lottery officials. Gillen, is single and has 2 daughters who are 19, and 22, now he is able to pay for his eldest daughter to go to university to study a science course.

In regards to himself, speaking of the future he says he plans to purchase a 3 bedroom house in Bristol, learn to drive a Peugeot, and go on holiday to Gambia to visit family, alongside a visit to Jamaica. Work is off the table, after finishing his last shift he handed in his keys and hasn’t looked back since, stating “I can now tick all the boxes of everything I’ve ever wanted to do!”

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