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Restaurant Owner wins $1,000,000, His Third Large Lottery Prize!

Restaurant Owner wins $1,000,000, His Third Large Lottery Prize!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ralph Havis, 73 from North Carolina, had struck luck for the 3rd time with the North Carolina Lottery! His ticket landed him $1,000,000, a lump sum of $600,000 in the 100X The Cash game.

This is his third prize in less than 2 years, and second in a month, he places this good fortune down to his now passed wife, Alma. The couple used to regularly purchase scratch-off lottery tickets, till one day Alma got a $150,000 prize. At this same location, in April, Ralph too won $150,000. "Good God almighty", Havis thought, just like when he first met her and thought she was so beautiful that it blinded him. They were married for 53 years, till Alma passed from the complications of a stroke.

Havis is the lifelong owner of the fast food restaurant Beef Burger, he says he plans on giving some of his winnings to his employees, and putting the rest in the bank. However he states "I'll be okay, but I'd give it all back with interest if I could have my Alma back".

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