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Breast cancer patient wins $250,000 lottery prize- again!

Breast cancer patient wins $250,000 lottery prize- again!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gina Short, of Mecklenburg County, a woman fighting breast cancer for 6 years, has won $250,000- her second time winning the lottery!

Back in February, she won $1 million in the Ultimate Millions second-chance drawing. Presented with her giant check, you could see all the people around her cheering, and throwing confetti in celebration. A few weeks back, feeling lucky once again, she got her husband Len, to purchase a $2 Quick Pick ticket at the pharmacy. In the "All or Nothing" game, she didn't get a match- landing her $173, 125 after taxes! Short was astounded, stating "If you would have told me, in a million years I still wouldn't have believed you", "I would have said you've got the wrong girl, as that's what I said when they told me I had cancer".

Now she feels her whole life, is full of second chances. The couple say the winnings will help cover the cost of treatments, in her battle against the illness. "We are just very thankful" they said.

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