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New Jersey Player wins $429.6 million Powerball Jackpot!

New Jersey Player wins $429.6 million Powerball Jackpot!

Monday, May 9, 2016

For one New Jersey household, this Mother's day is extra special, as they've won the Powerball jackpot worth $429.6 million! The draw was held on Saturday night, with the winning numbers being: 5, 25, 26, 44 and 66, alongside the Powerball number 9. Due to security protocols, the location of where the ticket was purchased is withheld, till May 9th, however we do know it was in Mercer County.

This is another historical moment for U.S Lotteries, this being the largest prize since January, where a prize of worth a monumental $1.6 billion was split amongst 3 players. A lottery official stated "We expect that the winner or winners will take their time before claiming the prize and consult with the appropriate professionals that can assist them in navigating these uncharted waters". The cash value of this prize, will be over $279.2 million-the 7th largest jackpot in U.S history.

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