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’Mortgage-burning party’ after $4 million win!

’Mortgage-burning party’ after $4 million win!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

North Carolina Education Lottery:

Michael Zimmerman from Liberty, North Carolina, doesn't have to worry about his mortgage anymore after winning $1.6 million with the Millionaire Bucks game!

Zimmerman, who works as an assistant manager at Ready Mart, in Randleman was on his day off when he bought himself a $20 ticket. The first ticket landed him nothing, however he felt a gut instinct to buy a second one, he was stunned, he realized he'd become a winner!

The original prize was a payout of $4 million, however he opted for the lump sum of $2.4 million. After taxes, and state withholdings, Michael received $1,662,006 all to himself. He's very excited at the prospect of owning his own house, and plans to throw a "mortgage-burning party" to celebrate.

Millionaire Bucks is a very new game, introduced in January, making Zimmerman the first person to win the top prize!

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