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Illinois Woman wins $500 a week Lottery Prize!

Illinois Woman wins $500 a week Lottery Prize!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Florida Lottery:

Debbie Howard, is feeling very grateful after receiving a huge lottery prize from her dad as a gift! Howard, was in Florida, during spring break when her father called her, urging her to come home as soon as possible to sign off a ticket worth $500 a week, for 20 years. Although Debbie knew her father had been playing all his life, she was reluctant to believe this. By the time she'd arrived, the ticket was on the dining table, it checked out, so she placed it in a safe till she could claim it at the Illinois prize center.

With the prize money, she opted for the gradual instalments rather than a lump sum, due to the $500 a week being guaranteed for her children for the next 20 years. After taxes, this will be valued at around $356 a week. This money has come at a perfect time for her, with children in high school as juniors and freshman, she'll now be able to pay for their college without quitting her job as a cheerleading coach which she thoroughly enjoys. Debbie's mom always told her "You can't win if you don’t play"!

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