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Winner Of California Lottery Opts For Spending $1,000,000 Prize To Improve A Disadvantaged Area

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We believe that wealth makes generosity easy. However, it has often been mentioned, that the less people have, the more willing they are to share with others. The lives of those who have very little apparently are not that centred on material things and they have no fear of loss. The rich, on the other hand, are often spoilt by accumulation of wealth: it simply makes them want to get even more.

Kris Schoonmaker, a Million Dollar Winner of California lottery draw held on Saturday, the 9th of August 9, has shown that it is possible to keep a soul when turning wealthy. He decided to spend his one million lottery prize for a medical facility in Philippines.

Mr Schoonmaker is a millwright. He has got recently married to a Philippines native Allana. The province where Allana lives has 15,000 homeless kids. This encouraged Kris to consider using his prize for the charity purposes and building an infirmary or some other medical facility in her town.

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