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Where to Watch Mega Millions Live Lottery Drawing Broadcast

Mega Millions Logo ImageCurrent Jackpot: $102,000,000

Mega Millions Lottery live drawings are held at WSB-TV studio in Atlanta, Georgia every Tuesday and Friday night at 11:00PM Eastern Time.

Drawings and results are broadcast through numerous media sources including TV stations, radio and the internet, as well. Always be sure to check your numbers because you only have a certain number of days to claim your winnings! This time frame varies from state to state, so you should make sure you claim your prize before the time limit is up.

List of TV channels

  • WSB-TV 2 (Atlanta)
  • CBS-8 (California)
  • WALB ABC-10 (Albany)
  • JBF-6 (Augusta)
  • MAZ-13 (Macon)
  • SAV-3 (Savannah)
  • WRBL-3 (Columbus)
  • WDIV-TV 4 (Detroit)
  • WXSP-TV (Grand Rapids, sister station WOOD-TV8)
  • WLAJ-TV53 (Lansing)
  • WMKG-TV40 (Muskegon)
  • WABC-7 (New York)
  • WSYR-9 (Syracuse)
  • WBNG-12 (Binghamton)
  • WPTZ-5 (Plattsburgh)
  • WHAM-13 (Rochester)

It would be worse to never win the lottery at all than to win and not find out you hit a big jackpot until after the time was up to claim it!

Mega Millions Lottery Drawings Info

The last 5/56 + 1/46 Mega Millions drawing was held on October 18th, 2013. Nobody hit the $37 million jackpot for that drawing, so it rolled over. Then, the very first drawing under the new and current 5/75 + 1/15 format was held days later on October 22nd. This drawing saw the jackpot estimate jump to $55 millionbecause of the change in the way the annuity is structured.

The minimum jackpot is now $15 million and it increases by a minimum of $5 million every time there is a drawing without a jackpot winner. Nowadays, a second prize which matches all 5 white numbers is $1 million cash. Players today choose 5 out of 75 possible white ball numbers, and 1 "Gold Ball" number out of a possible 15.

The Megaplier option is still intact and now has a 5 X multiplier. The Megaplier applies to all lesser prizes except the jackpot. For example,if you have 5 of the white winning numbers and you purchased 5 Megapliers at $1 each, your $1 million prize becomes $5 million.

Here are the current prize tiers, based on a $1 play:

  • Match 5+0: $250,000/$1 million
  • Match 4+MB: $10,000/$5,000
  • Match 4+0: $150/$500
  • Match 3+MB: $150/$50
  • Match 3+0: $7/$5
  • Match 2+MB: $10/$5
  • Match 1+MB: $3/$2
  • Match 0+MB: $2/$1

Mega Millions Lottery Online Play

Playing the lottery online is becoming increasingly popular because it's so easy and convenient. No need to go somewhere and stand in line for a ticket. No worries about forgetting a ticket or losing a ticket, either.

When you play the lottery online, you simply choose a reputable website who either sells tickets or directs you to a site where you can buy tickets. After you register with the site, you choose which lotteries you want to play and how many tickets you want to buy, along with the numbers you wish to play.

An agent is sent to buy these tickets on your behalf. They are then placed in a secure place until the drawing is held. The site will check your tickets for you and notify you right away if you are a winner.


Play the Mega Millions lottery online today for a chance to win one of its giant jackpots!