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Oregon man wins biggest Keno 8-Spot jackpot ever!

Oregon man wins biggest Keno 8-Spot jackpot ever!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Oregon Lottery:

Bruce Buckley, from Springfield, Oregon has claimed $300,246.50 with Keno, the largest  lottery  jackpot prize in the history  of  the Oregon Lottery.  Buckley  purchased an individual $2 Keno ticket from Jackson's food store, West 7th in Eugene, alongside this he opted for "Special Keno" which opened up the opportunity to win much greater prizes and a multiplier which gives players the chance to increase their prize by  10 times.

Ironically , Buckley  didn't bother checking his ticket for a good three days, when It  was finally scanned he was told to go to his nearest lottery  office, so he knew he'd won some kind of cash prize.  He notified his cousin, and together they travelled to Salam to claim the ticket. Bruce realized he'd matched all eight numbers, this landed him $25,000, however thanks to the lucky  multiplier this was increased to a grand $250,000, and another $50,246.50 for the Keno 8-spot rolling jackpot. He said "I'm extremely lucky to not only hit the rolling 8-spot, but the multiplier of 10x".

Buckley and his cousin went to a financial adviser straight away, to decide what's best to do with the winnings, now he plans on  using it on investments, buying a new van with cash and overall just being very  careful with his spending. Bruce says it was just amazing to see the ticket  say  "Congratulations"!


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