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Free lottery ticket wins $6.3 million

Free lottery ticket wins $6.3 million

Friday, April 3, 2020

An 80-year-old Mt. Vernon man won $6.3 million on March 23 after getting all six of winning numbers right on a free lottery ticket from an earlier drawing— and he almost left it at the store.

Robert McCauley explained Lottery officials that he brought his Megabucks lottery ticket to the local Mini Mart, called Blue Mountain, where the store manager, Jolene Moulton, said that he had won a free lottery ticket. Moulton added that McCauley almost left his free ticket at the store.

"I checked Bob's ticket and actually gave him the voucher slip that came with his free ticket," Jolene Moulton shared. "As he was walking away, I saw the free play ticket sitting on the counter and realized Bob had the wrong ticket. I called him back to the window gave him a free ticket."

So, the following day customers were checking with her who was the big winner of the $6.3 million jackpot, as a slip from the lottery ticket machine stated, "the winning $6.3 million Megabucks ticket was sold in the city of Mount Vernon."

Moulton was certain that customers had only purchased three Megabucks lottery tickets the previous day. Therefore, she sent a message over to McCauley's home to have a look at his ticket.

Now, McCauley's daughter, Pam, went through the winning numbers online and exclaimed that he was actually the big winner.

"Pam was screaming and jumping up and down," McCauley told. "I was cool as a cucumber."

McCauley's plans for his lottery prize include getting a new refrigerator for his spouse and purchasing a brand-new truck for himself.

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