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S.C. Woman Won $250K By Mistake and Plans to Give It Away!

S.C. Woman Won $250K By Mistake and Plans to Give It Away!

Monday, July 30, 2018

A woman from South Carolina, is probably going to find good karma coming her way after giving away her $250,000 lottery prize to a charitable cause. The woman, from Greenville who has chosen to remain anonymous told the story of how she went out to buy a lottery ticket from Red Robins Foods which is located on Woodruff Road in Greenville County and the clerk happened to sell her a different ticket to the one she originally asked for, but she took it regardless. The ticket was from the "7 Game" by the South Carolina Education Lottery, and cost $10 a ticket with a one in 660,000 chance of winning the $250,000 that she landed – isn't she lucky? The anonymous lady then revealed that she "is good" - financially speaking, and therefore she has come to the decision of giving away the entirety of the winnings to her community as well as her local church. What a considerate way to use the winnings, helping others is admirable, and the retailer is also a winner as the store will receive a $2,500 financial incentive just for selling the winning ticket.

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