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Woman wins $350,000 Cash 5 jackpot for the second time!

Woman wins $350,000 Cash 5 jackpot for the second time!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lisa Williard, from North Carolina has got rid of all her current debt after winning a $355,141 Cash 5 lottery prize, her second win over the years. Williard purchased a number of these Quick Pick tickets at Barker's Log Cabin Grocery Too, which is located on Harmony Highway in Harmony. Her first ticket matched up 4 of the numbers, so she was already thinking about the dinner they were all gonna get with that $250, however the next ticket matched all five! She stated "It's like being struck by lightning twice". Williard said that she was shaking, she felt shocked at these unexpected set of events and didn't sleep at all for the next night. This jackpot was won by her, and two other individuals so the jackpot worth $1,065,423 has been split amongst the three of them. After tax and state withholdings, she'll be receiving $246,826 in total. Williard plans to use the prize money to pay off the mortgage on her house, to ensure that 2017 is a debt free year!

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