Is Life A Lottery?

Lottery Winning- Falling Coins ImageIs life a Lottery? Or is it maybe about taking opportunities you meet on the way?

There was once a man in a village, which was extremely mischievous. Everybody felt sorry for him. And indeed, he had no house, no wife and no kids. Nobody wanted him to work even as a servant!

His kind neighbours asked the wise man for help for the poor fellow. Surprisingly enough, though, the wise man said that some of the good we do to others is not making any change for them at all. He also added that there is something inside of us that makes us live the life we have. Kind people did not believe him, so he decided to prove it to them.

Half a year passed. The wise man asked the village to collect a golden coin from every house for the poor fellow without letting him know anything about it. So they did. In the middle of the village there was a bridge so crooked, that when you stand on one end of it you cannot see the other one. The wise man put a bag full of golden coins right behind the middle of the bridge and asked the poor fellow to cross it. The whole village was watching him.

When he crossed, the wise man enquired him, what did he see on the way. The poor fellow replied: “I saw nothing”. Everybody started steering at him. “I thought to myself “, he explained, “that crossing the bridge is quite easy, I cross it every other day. Therefore I crossed it with my eyes closed”.

Did you ever feel like it, missing the opportunity simply because you pass it by with your eyes closed perhaps?


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